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Aubrey Coles has a passion for creating relationships with people and assisting them in selling and purchasing homes.  From a young age she would attend open houses with her grandmother, a real estate agent, and learned how relationships are the basis for a successful business.

Aubrey’s grandmother also instilled in her the art of negotiating, reminding her that it is always easier to attract and get what you want with honey rather than vinegar. Using this somewhat simple yet overlooked understanding, Aubrey has exceeded her clients’ expectations in negotiating tactics and has been called a “natural negotiator” by her most discerning clients.  

Hailing from Michigan, Aubrey was brought up having strong integrity and Mid-western values, yet at the same time she has been a resident of Los Angeles since 2001 and is proud to call the City of Angels her home.  Being an alumna of The University of Southern California and California State University, Northridge, she has familiarized herself with many parts of the city and she prides herself with her love for this city and the people that live here.  

Additionally she stays informed on the Los Angeles market while researching for clients, reading up on the real estate market and also being part of the Association of Realtors.  Aubrey has lived on the Westside of Los Angeles for over 16 years and has received her start in real estate in one of the most coveted areas; Malibu. 

Her flair for luxury real estate stems from her experience in the opera world and being exposed to that exclusive culture.  At the age of 19 through her hard work, talent and determination she was awarded with her first European comprimario role, which paved her way to receive several roles and subsequently finish her Master’s in Music with honors from USC.  Aubrey has had the opportunity to work with some of the most brilliant conductors and directors and has performed in Great Halls, Theatres and even a Royal Castle.  As an opera singer, while using her power on the stage, Aubrey conveyed her artistry and nuance yet at the same time honoring the conductors and directors wishes.  It is with this same finesse she is able to work well under pressure, listen to clients’ needs and follow through whether they are buyers or sellers alike.  

Encouraged and inspired by all of the successful agents in the Malibu area, Aubrey’s dream was to work with and learn from one of the best real estate agents in the world, Chris Cortazzo.  Through the desires of a loyal client, providence, and her hard work, the dream came true! Aubrey is honored to have co-listed and sold her first pivotal multi-million dollar listing with Chris Cortazzo. The wealth of knowledge she has gained from co-listing with Chris is priceless and makes her a contender among the most esteemed agents. Thank you Chris!

Aubrey is dedicated to serving the needs of real estate buyers and sellers throughout Los Angeles and maintains an instinctive range of vibrant qualities that allow her to effectively secure their objectives.  It does not matter if you are interested in an extravagant yet discreet Malibu home, an estate in Bel Air, a house in Santa Monica or a condo on the Westside, Aubrey Coles is able to help you buy or sell while adhering to each clients’ needs and wants.  Aubrey can likewise help you understand the full potential of your luxury investment property and is also an expert in short-term and long-term luxury leasing.  Furthermore, she has the edge of starting her career in Malibu and learning from the best, with that being said she understands the necessity of privacy and discretion to the utmost degree.



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